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n vigorous action, a great effort, a strong influence.
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In an interview, Sylikiotis expressed the view that the "European Commission and the Council have the tools to exert pressure on Turkey so that it stops all these illegal actions.
On the other hand, the propensity of children to exert effort is not influenced by their social background.
But from the ownership of the key I can exert control over the information without having to own the rest of the infrastructure.
2 : to make an effort <She exerts herself to help others.
This motion causes the backpack to exert a force (push or pull) on the person's body, making the bag feel even heavier than it is.
While a significant percentage of students may "perceive" they exert more effort toward teacher-set goals than their own goals, developmentally these findings are supported by what is already known about the emergence of self-regulated learning in the elementary grades.
Indeed, ``Wicker Man'' seems to exert a special hold on the minds of musicians.
Following Holmstrom's (1999) seminal work, we present career-concern incentives in a simple model in which the employee decides how much effort to exert on the job.
While on the road, her dreams became increasingly vivid and violent, so she started to keep a log in an attempt to exert control over them.
The team estimates that there could be as many as five distinct mechanisms by which chemicals exert antithyroid effects for which a reduction in circulating [T.
This gave the Party the added advantage of being able to exert political pressure on doctors, who were breaking the law by taking bribes.