exercise-induced bronchospasm

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exercise-induced bronchospasm (EIB),

bronchospasm precipitated by physical exertion.
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exercise-induced asthma

A condition in which intense physical exertion results in acute airway narrowing in individuals with airway hyperreactivity.
Clinical findings
Cough, wheezing, dyspnoea, cough, chest tightness, hyperinflation, airflow limitation and hypoxia.
EIA is closely linked to thermal provocation, which occurs when large volumes of cold air are “conditioned” (heated and humidified), a scenario most common in winter. The limit of airflow is most intense with running, less so with jogging and least with walking; the obstruction is greatest with cold, dry air, and least with warm, humid air.
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exercise-induced bronchospasm

Sports medicine A post-exertional event defined as a ↓ of 15% of peak expiratory flow; EIB affects up 35% of athletes and 90% of asthmatics; others at risk for EIB are blacks and those living in urban poverty areas. See Free running test.
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ex·er·cise-in·duced as·thma (EIA)

, exercise-induced bronchospasm (eks'ĕr-sīz-in-dūst' az'mă, brong'kō-spazm)
Bronchial spasm, edema, and mucus secretion brought about by exercise, particularly in cool, dry environment. Recovery usually occurs spontaneously within 90 minutes. A 10-15% reduction in preexercise values for FEV1/FVC confirms diagnosis.
See also: asthma
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