exercise high

ex·er·cise high

(eks'ĕr-sīz hī)
A state of euphoria and exhilaration as duration of moderate-to-intense exercise increases, triggered by release of endorphins.
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Was it nothing to exercise high and low justice, the right to interrogate, to hang and to draw, without reckoning petty jurisdiction in the first resort ( in prima instantia , as the charters say), on that viscomty of Paris, so nobly appanaged with seven noble bailiwicks?
It said that physicians should exercise high degree of suspension while examining patients with likely symptoms.
It also asked physicians to exercise high degree of suspicion while examining patients with likely symptoms for CCHF.
The Norwegian Maritime Authority issued a warning to the country's merchant fleet, advising ships to "exercise high care and alertness in the region," AP reported.
Khan directed all the security forces including Navy, Coast Guard, CRPF, local police and intelligence units to exercise high alert.
They must exercise high integrity in their businesses so as to to exploit Kenyans."
Acting deputy director at research and financial stability department of Bank of Botswana, Mr Innocent Molalapata has urged Mater Spei College students to exercise high levels of discipline, commitment and hard-work in order to achieve excellent academic results.
He said: "In the first match we saw that if we exercise high pressure this might create some issues for their defending line.
Officially the ceremony, Resident Judge of the 9th Judiciary Circuit Court in Gbarnga, Bong County, Boimah Kontoe, urges the Lawyers to exercise high level of professionalism in the discharge of their duties.
As a motivation, he said the best referees would be rewarded with a chance to officiate in the East Africa Games to be held in Kigali, Rwanda.Association chairman, Peter Orero, who is a former football, netball and basketball referee, called on the whistle blowers to exercise high level of competency, patriotism, diligence and respect to the teams.
The NECG said the country was in recovery mode as conditions remain very difficult and the public is advised to exercise high levels of caution.
In a statement, the National Emergency Coordination Group added: "Conditions are and will remain very difficult and the public are advised to continue to exercise high levels of caution for their own safety in the extreme cold, accumulated snow and icy conditions underfoot.