exercise compliance

ex·er·cise com·pli·ance

(eks'ĕr-sīz kŏm-plī'ăns)
A person's conformity to a prescribed or self-prescribed fitness program.
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This study showed that mirror therapy was a very useful approach in the treatment of psychogenic tremors, which significantly disrupt exercise compliance and characterized by severe psychogenic tremors that reduce the quality of life.
Good exercise compliance was seen; more than 65 percent of participants attended more than 75 percent of scheduled sessions.
TracPatch is a wearable device that remotely monitors a patient's post-surgical activities by continuously sending activity data back to the healthcare provider, including range of motion, ambulation, exercise compliance, and wound site temperature trends.
(ii) Sociocultural rather than individual characteristics were significant barriers to diet and exercise compliance among Nepalese T2DM patients.
Home Exercise Compliance. A diary was used to record home exercise date and duration, and only when the exercise time was more than 20 min/daywould it be regarded as ONE home exercise day.
Through her research she works to develop new tools to treat persons living with vestibular conditions through the use of virtual reality, a vibrotactile device, and devices that can help record exercise compliance. Dr.
[3] It is, therefore, necessary to design an alternative feasible form of physical exercise involving a relatively lesser muscle mass, which can reduce BP and increase exercise compliance in the population.
Schneiders AG, Zusman M, Singer KP (1998) Exercise compliance in acute low back pain patients.
The initial number of participants, per group, ranged from 5 to 123 for exercise dropouts ([bar.X][+ or -]SD = 36[+ or -]23,median = 30), 6to 123for control dropouts ([bar.X] [+ or -] SD = 37 [+ or -] 23, median = 30), and 14 to 123 for exercise compliance groups ([bar.X] [+ or -] SD = 42 [+ or -] 26, median = 30).
Exercise compliance was calculated as the mean percentage of balance and strength sessions completed out of the total 16 sessions.
Diet and exercise compliance was, for the whole program, 60 % for diet and 71.7 % for exercise over the 2 month period.
* How the researchers tried to maximise exercise compliance.