executive information system

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executive information system



Software that extracts crucial data about the operations of a health care enterprise, e.g., patient volume, patient flow, patient satisfaction, morbidity, mortality, targeted objectives, costs, and inventories.
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The interface of an Executive Information System is a crucial component and must be designed so that the data presented should be comprehensible and easy to interpret.
Products or categories of software include online analytical processing (OLAP) and executive information systems (EIS), she says.
Eileen Villa, RN, BSN Clinical Applications Specialist, HCS, which markets INTERACTANT Applications and Executive Information Systems.
Lockheed discovered that the failure to include critical data in an executive information system prevented the system from spotting a problem that could cost the company US$300,000,000.
Since developing and implementing the Advanced Management Program Executive Information System, the Academic Technology Services Department has worked with individual instructors to create pilot multimedia presentations for in-class instruction.
Among these applications are an Executive Information System for all of Grumman Corp., and business operations and proposal systems used by Grumman Data Systems.
The system will serve as a database for the LTO's motor vehicle registration system, drivers' licensing system, law enforcement and traffic adjudication system, revenue collection system, and executive information system. The project has a multi-year funding from 2013 to 2020.
A cost-effective solution was needed for various decision-support and executive information system projects in the company's marketing, vehicle maintenance, risk management, and integrated logistics units.
Data should be collected in one place, usually referred to as a data repository, and stored in a format that can be accessed by a decision support system or executive information system (DSS/EIS).
ENTEL is now using a custom-developed decision-support system--the Traffic Executive Information System, or TEIS--to help make sense of all that calling data.

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