executive information system

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executive information system



Software that extracts crucial data about the operations of a health care enterprise, e.g., patient volume, patient flow, patient satisfaction, morbidity, mortality, targeted objectives, costs, and inventories.
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Drill down is a key component in developing executive information systems.
That's why executive information systems are critically important today in gaining the boss' support.
Paradigm(R)--A set of real-time, integrated software modules that provide tools for managing sales, material, pre-production engineering, and production with additional functionality available for cost accounting, statistical process control, cycle time performance, financial accounting, sales forecasting, intelligent engineering, lot tracking, plant maintenance, just-in-time performance, electronic data interchange, and executive information systems.
It is a new dimension in executive information systems that provides visibility into operational details and enables smarter and faster decisions.
RMI provides its customers with intelligent rail services designed to create a paperless railroad environment including transportation, revenue, equipment, and freight and fleet management, and related executive information systems.
His primary areas of expertise include competitive intelligence, strategic planning, benchmarking, business development and executive information systems.
Queenin brings over 20 years of executive insight into large-scale systems integration initiatives, business intelligence, analytic applications, data warehousing and executive information systems to Avaki's board of industry thought leaders.

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