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The potential for school-based interventions that target executive function to improve academic achievement: A review.
Trail making test performance of patients with PD was found to be impaired in that study and this finding was interpreted in favor of impairment in executive function (46).
Based on the results of this study, we realized there are different perceptions of impaired executive function among parents and teachers of students with learning disorders.
Researchers noted that while the study focused on physical activity and its relationship to executive function, it is likely a positive feedback loop also exists between executive function and eating nutritious foods.
Executive Function and Theory of Mind: Stability and Prediction From Ages 2 to 3.
The most obvious difference they saw was in two brain regions associated with executive function, the prefrontal cortex and orbitofrontal cortex.
Patients with poor executive function do not follow directions well, Roman points out, meaning "clinicians cannot take for granted the fact that whatever you tell these patients, they'll be able to comply.
Compared to people who had moderate to high levels of physical activity, the ones in the low-activity group were 47 per cent more likely to score in the "poor" range on the test of processing speed and executive function, even after adjusting for things like age and BMI.
Welsh and Pennington (1988) noted that executive function entails mental processes across the domain of frontal lobe functions and also includes gating of attention and memory functions for task performance.
According to Lezak (1995), the ToH evaluates planning, but also working memory, inhibitory control and cognitive flexibility, supporting the idea that this is a complex tool for executive function assessment.
Cardiovascular exercise appears to considerably reduce the loss of brain tissue in regions controlling executive function (Colcombe and Kramer, 2003).
Experiments designed specifically to compare humans and other primates are proposed covering two broad lines of study: causal cognition and executive function.

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