seclusion of pupil

(redirected from exclusion of pupil)

se·clu·sion of pu·pil

the condition resulting from posterior anular synechia, in which the iris is bound down throughout the entire pupillary margin, but the pupil is not occluded.
Synonym(s): exclusion of pupil
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The request was prompted by unfavourable press coverage linked to the exclusion of pupils from the school.
People deciding to air their views when they are clearly have no idea what the true facts are concerning the exclusion of pupils from Cardinal Newman School for wearing the wrong footwear.
Paul Maloney, of the GMB union, said: "The exclusion of pupils at the nearer Falcon-brook school because they live on the wrong side of the track was never justified.
The report listed incidents where parents had appealed against the exclusion of pupils who had set fire to other children's hair, walked across the roofs of teachers' cars and stolen from their classmates.
CCTV cameras were fitted on school buses, a seat provided for every child and clear rules were introduced to deal with unacceptable behaviour and, where necessary, the exclusion of pupils from school buses.
This research project, which was carried out between October 2003 and November 2004, aimed to address a lack of empirical evidence surrounding the admission and exclusion of pupils with special educational needs (SEN).
Exclusion of pupils had increased from 3,000 in 1990-92 to 13,000 in 1997-98, costing pounds 4,300 a year in alternative education, he said.
The hysteria that infected the country last summer after Rock Hudson's death and the exclusion of pupils with AIDS from certain schools had been subsiding somewhat before the Justice Department raised the political red flag.
One of the Echo's most recent tussles to get information has led to a review of procedures adopted by Cardiff council when questioned on the exclusion of pupils in city schools for drugs offences.
Exclusion of pupils had increased from 3,000 in 1990/2 to 13,000 in 1997/8, costing pounds 4,300 a year in alternative education, he told the judges.