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1. producing stimulation, especially by stimulation of muscle fibers through nervous tissue.
2. an agent that has such effects.
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1. Stimulating; exciting to action.
See also: stimulus.
2. An agent that arouses organic activity, strengthens the action of the heart, increases vitality, and promotes a sense of well-being; classified according to the parts on which they chiefly act: cardiac, respiratory, gastric, hepatic, cerebral, spinal, vascular, genital.
See also: stimulus. Synonym(s): excitor, stimulator
Synonym(s): excitant
[L. stimulans, pres. p. of stimulo, pp. -atus, to goad, incite, fr. stimulus, a goad]
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Tending to excite; stimulating.
An agent or stimulus that excites; a stimulant.
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1. Stimulating; exciting to action.
2. Agent that arouses organic activity, strengthens heart action, increases vitality, and promotes sense of well-being.
Synonym(s): excitant.
[L. stimulans, pres. p. of stimulo, pp. -atus, to goad, incite, fr. stimulus, a goad]
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Q. I am excited to know in what way diet helps in preventing osteoporosis? my mother is suspecting to be having osteoporosis. She regularly complains of leg pain. Upon consultation with the doctor it was found with low calcium in her blood. She was given calcium tablets and was told to increase in the diet rich in calcium. She is taking milk and yoghurt especially. She is not well yet but shows some improvement. I am excited to know in what way diet helps in preventing osteoporosis?

A. you see, our bones are a giant storage of calcium. our body needs a very steady concentration of calcium, if it'll be low the body will take it form your bones. if there's too much- it'll either build bones (but only if he'll think he needs too- that is where sport get in the picture)or you'll urinate it.any way, you rather have large amount of calcium in your diet then less. but it's not enough- sport and other medication can help.

Q. my wife is pregnant !!! i am so excited ! this is the first time out of many i hope !!! but i have concerns that i would like to share with the community here ... i am afraid of being a bad father , i am afraid i won't know how to be a father ... where do u start ... how do i support my wife after the though experince ... how do i take care of the child ... a lot of things a re running through my mind with no answer ,can any one help me to calm down ????

A. you won't be a perfect father but you'll try to be. that's what's important. thousands of years of evolution gave you the basics. you'll be fine :)

Q. Hello everyone !!! are you excited with the swearing of Obama To presidency??? i sure am !!! may we all get a little joy and peaceful time wit hour fresh president ... and let us all wish him a great start and a chance to change our lives ... Good Luck Mr.President Obama !!!

A. well said Mrfoot65! May all the people in America receive the healthcare treatment they need. God bless.

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The exciting force generated by the exciter Q causes vibrating movement of the pusher relative to the slay which is described by the Eq.
As development of electro-dynamic and servo-hydraulic exciters continued to mature and their potential became apparent, standards soon followed.
The exciter was tested in a laboratory in order to determine its parameters (the range of excitation frequency, the excitation force amplitude vs.
StitchArt plus--The LSM 5 EXCITER has a StitchArt plus option which expands microscopy in all directions, such as extra-long line profiles or image stack arrays extending more than 100x the size of the scan field.
The maximum output voltage of the exciter (ceiling voltage) depends on the input ac voltage.
The drive is inertial, as with many of the moving coil exciters used in the company's panels, yet many times more efficient.
Gahan's voice has certainly matured over the years, displaying greater resonance as they ran through much of their latest album, Exciter - a varied mix of electronic and acoustic sounds - from the guitar twanging Dream On to the melancholy Freelove and When the Body Speaks.
The Sweetest Condition and When The Body Speaks from Exciter were warmly received but the night really got under way when Depeche Mode went deeper into their archives by playing fans' favourites from the Black Celebration and Violator albums.
Twenty years on, they are in the middle of a sell-out world tour, which arrives at Wembley this week, and have a new album, Exciter, to promote.
Originally introduced at Comdex '98, Benwin speakers replace conventional speaker cones with 0.25 mm flat panels powered by a 12V exciter to generate 250 to 20,000 Hz reproduction.
NXT's basic technology creates sound from flat surfaces, but traditionally the exciter - which causes the surface to vibrate, creating sound - has been in the middle of the surface.