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response to stimuli, often used specifically to denote excessive responsiveness to stimuli, particularly of an emotional nature, and often leading to impulsive activity.
psychomotor excitement psychomotor acceleration.
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An emotional state sometimes characterized by its potential for impulsive or poorly controlled activity.
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sexual response cycle

Physiology A term that encompasses the phases of a sexual act from prearousal to denouement; the SRC is divided into 4 phases. Cf Sexual dysfunction.
Sexual Response Cycle
Desire Consists of fantasies about sexual activity, desire to engage therein
Excitement Subjective component of sexual excitement is accompanied by physiologic changes, in ♂, penile tumescence and erection, in ♀ pelvic vasocongestion, vaginal lubrication, and swelling of external genitalia
Orgasm Peaking of sexual pleasure with release of sexual tension, rhythmic contraction of perineal muscles in ♂, ejaculation, in ♀, contractions of outer13 of vagina; in both, anal sphincter contracts rhythmically
Resolution Denouement Muscle relaxation, and a sense of well-being; during resolution, ♂ are unerectable for a variable period of time; ♀ remain on 'red alert'
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An emotional state sometimes characterized by its potential for impulsive or poorly controlled activity.
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Patient discussion about excitement

Q. I am excited to know in what way diet helps in preventing osteoporosis? my mother is suspecting to be having osteoporosis. She regularly complains of leg pain. Upon consultation with the doctor it was found with low calcium in her blood. She was given calcium tablets and was told to increase in the diet rich in calcium. She is taking milk and yoghurt especially. She is not well yet but shows some improvement. I am excited to know in what way diet helps in preventing osteoporosis?

A. you see, our bones are a giant storage of calcium. our body needs a very steady concentration of calcium, if it'll be low the body will take it form your bones. if there's too much- it'll either build bones (but only if he'll think he needs too- that is where sport get in the picture)or you'll urinate it.any way, you rather have large amount of calcium in your diet then less. but it's not enough- sport and other medication can help.

Q. my wife is pregnant !!! i am so excited ! this is the first time out of many i hope !!! but i have concerns that i would like to share with the community here ... i am afraid of being a bad father , i am afraid i won't know how to be a father ... where do u start ... how do i support my wife after the though experince ... how do i take care of the child ... a lot of things a re running through my mind with no answer ,can any one help me to calm down ????

A. you won't be a perfect father but you'll try to be. that's what's important. thousands of years of evolution gave you the basics. you'll be fine :)

Q. Hello everyone !!! are you excited with the swearing of Obama To presidency??? i sure am !!! may we all get a little joy and peaceful time wit hour fresh president ... and let us all wish him a great start and a chance to change our lives ... Good Luck Mr.President Obama !!!

A. well said Mrfoot65! May all the people in America receive the healthcare treatment they need. God bless.

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'I don't say I can clear myself altogether,' said she, speaking low and fast, while her heart beat visibly and her bosom heaved with excitement, - 'but would you be glad to discover I was better than you think me?'
Ten minutes had elapsed since the nurse had left; Valentine, who for the last hour had been suffering from the fever which returned nightly, incapable of controlling her ideas, was forced to yield to the excitement which exhausted itself in producing and reproducing a succession and recurrence of the same fancies and images.
It was evident from the last shout and the gathering storm of excitement that, after all, it was to be a race They were well in sight now; Nero the Second and Iris, racing neck-and-neck, drawing rapidly away from the others.
Tulliver's health; the symptoms did not recall his former dangerous attack, and it seemed only a necessary consequence that his violent passion and effort of strength, after many hours of unusual excitement, should have made him feel ill.
Now gig-goers in Newcastle wil have the chance to find out why when The Excitements play The Cluny on Friday.
The Excitements recall the heyday of 1960s soul playing a heady mix of Tamla Motown and Stax styles.
Drawing influences from the hall of fame of American R&B, The Excitements write much of the own material, taking the best elements of the 60s soul era to create an instantly classic sound.
Then observe yourself in the course of a day or a week and think how many actions of yours are performed, how many activities engaged in that are uncontaminated by the desire for these thrills, these excitements that only produce emptiness, the desire for attention, approval, fame, popularity, success, or power.
The fulfillment of desire can, at the most, bring flashes of pleasure and excitement. Don't mistake that for happiness.
Second, because they are scared to lose the only world they know: the world of desires, attachments, fears, social pressures, tensions, ambitions, worries, guilt, with flashes of the pleasure and relief and excitement which these things bring.