excitatory junction potential

ex·cit·a·to·ry junc·tion po·ten·tial (EJP),

discrete partial depolarization of smooth muscle produced by stimulation of excitatory nerves; similar to small end-plate potentials; summate with repeated stimuli.
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Abbreviations: Aj, anterior jugalis; AP-PSP, action potential-evoked postsynaptic potentials; DM, defined medium; EJP, excitatory junction potential: Lbn, laterobuccal nerve; mEJP, miniature excitatory junction potential; mPSP, miniature postsynaptic potential; PSP, postsynaptic potential; Slrt, supralateral radular tensor; Vbn, ventrobuccal nerve.
Bursts of action potentials in these motor neurons drive summating excitatory junction potentials (EJPs) in specific sets of muscle fibers.
Finally, patterned firing by the motor neurons themselves produce facilitating or depressing excitatory junction potentials in the buccal muscles (Cohen et al., 1978; Cropper et al., 1990; Jordan et al., 1993).
Stimulation at A did not produce unitary excitatory junction potentials (EJPs), but did produce frequency-dependent summing depolarizations.

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