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Tending to produce excitation.
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But for me, the opening "musical image of childbirth" (FE, 116) in her Genesis II - |a cyclical, repeating, asymmetrical pattern', one that "sets up no [no?] expectation for change" (FE, 119) - is for me a sonically idealistic image of one of our (and I mean Woman's) most aggressive, painful, creative, exhaustive, exhilarating, sex-specific (so far) experiences, one that climaxes with a force far more explosive and violent than the entwined arousing ejaculative thrust and excitative, moist shuddering that inspired the whole extraordinary thing in the first place.
It will begin to enjoy inter-ethnic trust and respectability only when the Luo begin to behave with calm, with class, with respectability and with purpose even in the face of such excitative inter-ethnic adversities as unsuccessful presidential elections.
[begin strikethrough][any narcotic, hypnotic, or excitative drug][end strikethrough]

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