excitation-contraction coupling

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an act of irritation or stimulation; a condition of being excited or of responding to a stimulus; the addition of energy, as the excitation of a molecule by absorption of photons.

in the stimulation of muscle contraction this is the coupling which occurs at the sarcolemma-sarcoplasmic reticulum junction. Mediated by the release of calcium ions in the aqueous sarcoplasm.
excitation-contraction coupling
conversion of an excitation stimulus into contraction of the effector muscle fiber; ionic calcium is the link between the two.
indirect excitation
electrostimulation of a muscle by placing the electrode on its nerve.
in the stimulation of muscular contraction this is the stimulation of secretion of acetylcholine from the vesicles in the cholinergic nerve terminals into the synaptic cleft at the nerve-muscle junction.
excitation signs
see irritation nervous signs.
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Due to non-genomic rapid increases in intracellular calcium levels and increased mobilisation of calcium from the sarcoplasmic reticulum, testosterone may reduce or protect against impaired excitation-contraction coupling during repeated high-intensity muscle contraction.
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