excitation spectrum

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ex·ci·ta·tion spec·trum

fluorescence produced over a range of wavelengths of the exciting light.
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One of the main question addressed in this proposal is the validity of the Bogoliubov approximation for the excitation spectrum of many-body quantum systems.
In the fluorescence studies two peaks were observed in the excitation spectrum of reference compound 4 i.
As the emission spectrum is proportional to the excitation spectrum, this higher light output means stronger fluorescent signals.
With this technique, we can engineer an excitation spectrum of the atoms," says physicist Li-Chung Ha, lead author of the paper.
To understand the cause of a given emission, we collected an excitation spectrum across all excitation wavelengths, measuring the intensity of the green fluorescence excited or induced by each one.
m]) define the excitation spectrum, corresponding to the dispersion equation [D.
FRET occurs when two fluorophores are physically very close together, and the emission spectrum of one dye (known as the reporter) very closely matches the excitation spectrum of the second dye (referred to as the quencher).
Though the description of the methods for designing of binary multifrequency waveforms is out of the scope of this paper, however, it must be noted that such type of excitation signals allow versatile adapting the shape of the excitation spectrum to the spectrum of the object to be measured.
Among the topics are the accuracy of quantum Monte Carlo methods for point defects in solids, accurate gap levels and their role in the reliability of other calculated defect properties, predicting polaronic defect states by means of generalized Koopmans density functional calculations, a time-dependent density functional study on the excitation spectrum of point defects in semiconductors, and criteria for selecting which electronic structure method to use.
This indicates that these two emissions arise from the same chromophore and could be attributed to amine groups, according to the excitation spectrum of the epoxy resin.
2]] corresponds to the excitation spectrum of the parallel spin triplet excited states and Z is the total number of the nearest neighbors on the cubic lattice.
Spectral identification was by comparison of the excitation spectrum of the MTX postphotolytic product of RBC extracts with the excitation spectrum of the MTX postphotolytic product in water.