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1. the secretion of saliva.
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Production of saliva. See: sialorrhea.
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, sialismus (sī'ă-lizm, -liz'mŭs)
An excess secretion of saliva.
Synonym(s): ptyalism, salivation, sialorrhea, sialosis.
[G. sialismos]
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The production of saliva. Excessive salivation is a feature of mouth ulcers and other causes of mouth irritation, PARKINSON'S DISEASE, nerve gas poisoning, organophosphorus insecticide poisoning, mercury poisoning, RABIES and overactivity of the parasympathetic nervous system.
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The most common clinical signs were excessive salivation and bronchial secretions, miosis, respiratory system findings, bradycardia, loss of consciousness, and hypertension.
Animals: A sheep farm at Al Hassa District was struck by the sheep pox virus during winter 2014.The farm has not been vaccinated and there is also history of new entrance of animals.The clinical signs were a sudden onset of fever, which peaks at 40-42degC, with discharges from the nose and eyes, depression and excessive salivation.The animal loses its appetite and is reluctant to move.Mortality rate and mortality rate was up to 60% and 90% respectively.
* Aggressive 267 (78.5) Bites unusual objects 93 (27.3) Change in Voice 62 (18.2) Excessive Salivation 171 (50.2) Paralysis 2 (0.6) After a Dog has Bitten you will you kill it if Rabies is suspected?
From 50 DPI, the monkeys developed acute dyspnoea, nervous compression, excitation syndrome, including epileptic seizures, muscular tremors, progressive paralysis of hind limbs (Figure 1), and digital cramps along with grinding of teeth, groaning, coughing, tendency to vomit, and excessive salivation. The animals thereafter showed profound weakness and failed to bear weight on the hind quarters, developed paralysis of both the hind and fore limbs, and, finally, died on 67 and 132 DPI, respectively.
According to the US National Library of Medicine, side effects of CS gas include eye irritation and burning, coughing, increased mucous secretion, severe headaches, dizziness, tightness of the chest, difficulty breathing, skin reactions and excessive salivation.
Reduced consciousness, respiratory depression and hyperglycaemia may occur in amitraz poisoning, (3) while excessive salivation, incontinence, or muscle fasciculations are unlikely.
It provided better premedication than either oral ketamine or midazolam alone (4), but excessive salivation and hallucination were observed (5).
According to several toxicology reports and online anecdotes, the symptoms of poisoning in dogs, from lanate include excessive salivation, trembling, muscle spasm and sometimes diarrhoea.
For instance, a 34-year-old patient, who had complained of CD4, loss of weight and appetite, excessive salivation, tuberculosis and all other symptoms of HIV/AIDS, was written off as a lost case by doctors.
Patients with PD may have many problems related to their GI tract, including difficulties of eating with a tremor, excessive salivation, dysphagia and constipation (Barker et al 2003).
The clinical scenario typically begins with loss of appetite and voice, followed by gait instability, ascending flaccid paralysis, excessive salivation, eye irritation, pupillary asymmetry, and vomiting.
MIYAZAKI, Japan - A cow in the city of Miyazaki has tested positive for foot-and-mouth disease in gene tests after showing symptoms of the livestock disease, including excessive salivation, the farm ministry said Monday.