exanthematous fever

ex·an·them·a·tous fe·ver

fever associated with an exanthem.
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By using a simple protocol (Table), it should be possible to gather evidence using a case-control format comparing the frequency of a secondary flavivirus antibody response in convalescent-phase serum samples of persons experiencing any defined acute Zika virus disease syndromes, such as exanthematous fever, congenital Zika syndrome, or GBS (i.e., case-patients) with the prevalence of past DENV infection in Zika virus-infected age-, sex-, residence-, and ethnicity-matched persons from the same exposure group (i.e., controls).
Vascularised Corneas of Patients with * Leucomatous opacity following exanthematous fever and post hydrops.
of Patients (%) Healed Fungal Corneal 10 25 Ulcer Leucomatous Opacity-Post 6 15 exanthematous Fever Pseudophakic Bullous 12 30 Keratopathy Previously Failed OKP 6 15 for Regraft Post Hydrops-Keratoglobus 2 5 Post Traumatic Leucomatous 4 10 Opacity Table 4.
Peripheral polyneuropathy commonly occurs following exanthematous fevers and as a complication of various acute bacterial infections, but it is highly doubtful whether there is direct invasion of the nerves by micro-organisms.The causative association of peripheral neuropathy with tuberculous infection is controversial.