examining table

ex·am·in·ing ta·ble

a table on which the patient lies during a medical examination.
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Examining Table 3, it can be observed that distribution of studies shows a difference according to year.
Afterward, I sobbed on the examining table in my best friend's arms.
The day I found out I had a brain tumour, I almost fell off the examining table.
By examining Table 5, readers will notice that all of the NOACs, excluding warfarin, are substrates for the P-glycoprotein (P-gp) transport system.
The cautious approach, as recommended by the Boards of Osteopathy and Medicine, was that a physician should not access the CSMP for a particular patient until that patient was on the examining table unless the physician had obtained written consent from the patient.
Murphy suspects tongue-tie, he said he lays the baby on its back on an examining table with the shoulders slightly elevated on a blanket.
He spent a decade photographing Gloria Swanson in virtually every circumstance possible, including on a doctor's examining table undergoing an electrocardiogram.
This is followed by a 30-minute scan using a gamma camera suspended over an examining table, which detects the radioactive material and displays images on a computer that show where the radioactive substance has been distributed in the thyroid.
A doctor at the university hospital in the northwestern Athens suburb of Chaidari cites a lack of basic examining room supplies in her own department, such as cotton wool, catheters, gloves and paper used to cover the examining table.
Another soothing feature of the new ED, Ritter notes, is the prevalence of indirect lighting so that no patient lying prone on a gurney or examining table is forced to stare at a glaring overhead light.
A muscular running back ambles into the infirmary and lifts himself up onto an examining table.