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One who performs an examination.
[L. examino, to weigh, examine]
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PESHAWAR -- Engineer Javaid Akbar, Superintending Engineer C and W Circle Peshawar has been appointed as Principal Examiner to conduct the Departmental Examination of Tracers.
Knec provided tough guidelines during the marking of the examination, but examiners noted that some of them were not followed at all, especially on marking time, which was supposed to be from 7am to 7pm.
Mohammad Nawaz Superintending Engineer Provincial Building (Construction) Communication and Works (C and W) Department Peshawar as Principal Examiner.
Under this program, a company can conduct a presentation to a group of examiners within a particular technology center at the USPTO in Alexandria, Virginia or at any of the regional patent offices.
Since 2012, the majority of the examiners who left the NCUA had served one to three years.
LEARNERS who fail their driving test are giving examiners hell.
While talking to another senior colleague, this surgeon narrated the following story regarding examinations which he had heard from one of the British examiners.
Chris Davis and Brandon Mathis, formerly bank assistant examiners, have been promoted to bank junior examiners.
First, the level of consistency between what examiners say in their reports and the recommendation they provide for a thesis is explored, followed by an examination of the degree of discrepancy between examiner recommendations and university committee decisions on the theses.
Concerns continue about the agency's efforts to attract and retain qualified patent examiners who can meet the demand for patents and help reduce the growing backlog of unexamined patent applications.
Grade Two Piano: Janet Fothergill and Wendy Bachman, examiners