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One who performs an examination.
[L. examino, to weigh, examine]
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Meanwhile, some applicants employ the opposite strategy, dumping reams of prior art--some of it of questionable relevance--on the examiner in order to prevent him from finding the pertinent examples that might limit the scope of the claim.
But Anschutz expanded the tabloid horizons this January with his launch of the Washington Examiner.
Upon completion of the investigation, it is necessary for the examiner only to assemble the notes in order, prepare an index, list of exhibits and a synopsis (see below) in order to complete the paperwork.
In defense of the technology, ATF firearms examiner Martin G.
The MOU also contains a recommendation that the examiner and the taxpayer discuss all IDRs and the notice of proposed adjustment before their issuance.
After retrospective surveillance was completed, we also initiated prospective surveillance of medical examiner and postal worker absentee records.
A spokesman for the Institute of Advanced Motorists said: "It is all too easy in these days of political correctness for an examiner to drop a clanger by making a sexist or facetious comment.
The examiner assesses, documents, and collects forensic evidence and reports obvious pathology or suspicious findings to the victim with a suggestion for follow-up care and referral.
That uneasy alliance may well be personified today in Ted Fang, the 37-year-old publisher of the 114-year-old San Francisco Examiner, once the flagship newspaper of the Hearst family dynasty.
After the last copy of the last Hearst-owned San Francisco Examiner came off the presses at 3:20 p.
2] This increased involvement by the medical examiner has also come at a time when there is pressure of public and financial scrutiny requiring prudent use of public financial resources.
Following a clear statement of purpose for the evaluation, the examiner should obtain a statement of the referral question from both the referral agent and the client.