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1. To study or analyze an organic material.
2. To test or check the condition or health of.
3. To determine the qualifications, aptitude, or skills of by means of questions or exercises.

Patient discussion about examine

Q. What is ERD examination?My doctor want to find where is nerve is sprained. How this examonation will help? If the nerve is sprained by muscles or vertebrae what treat may be given by a doctor?

A. Sorry, but never heard of an examination called ERD, especially not for sprained muscle. Do you mean ERS?

Anyway, you may read more here:

Q. I had found a lump during self breast examination. I am 23 years old. I had found a lump during self breast examination. I didn’t have pain in my breast. I went to the doctor for checkup. Many tests were done and no treatment is prescribed. No medicines were given. I suddenly found that the lump had almost doubled in size a month after my check with the doctor. They had previously told me that I do not have breast cancer. If that’s the case, why is the lump growing?

A. A breast cancer can double in a month in some younger women. But its occurrence is very less. And your doctor had made it clear that you do not have a breast cancer. Some infection can also cause lumps. Lumps in breast can also be formed because of fat and blood vessels. There are chances that it may be fibro adenoma. This also grows like a tumor. No treatment is given as it can reduce in size but if it increases then it have to be removed by a surgery. So you must meet your doctor.

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Even in secondary schools where art is taught as an examinable subject, it is optional and is, therefore, only offered in a handful of schools.
Thats why I am delighted to announce the schools who are participating in Phase 1 of Physical Education for the Leaving Certificate both as an examinable subject and the non-examinable Framework.
The fact that G&C is not an examinable course worsens the time allocated to the subject since it is only given 40 minutes a week.
However, in tasks where these trade-offs and constraints are tied to scientifically examinable phenomenon, opportunities arise to allow students to analyze these dimensions based on experimentation, In this context, methods and content of scientific experimentation or inquiry can be integrated into engineering design-based activities.
57) Thus, where the "[e]xecutive possesses a constitutional or legal discretion, nothing can be more perfectly clear than that [its] acts are only politically examinable.
In a statement, Supreme Court spokesperson Theodore Te said the high court was considering proposals to reform the bar exams, including reducing the number of examinable subjects and possible regionalization.
These cases involved a wide variety of claims, ranging from cases concerning the direct liability of directors and officers to third parties; (75) secondary picketing with respect to parent, subsidiary and related corporations; (76) family law cases where shareholdings in corporations were factored into the calculation of income for support purposes or the calculation of assets owned by a spouse for the purposes of division following a matrimonial breakdown; (77) conflict of laws and jurisdiction cases involving parent, subsidiary and related corporations in different jurisdictions; (78) and finally cases dealing with the scope of discovery with respect to shareholders and the extent to which corporations may be examinable or required to produce documents.
Rethinking how journalism as a method might cement its place in contemporary research may also support journalism and filmmaking academics facing challenges in getting their own practice recognised as industriously valid academic, examinable study (Lindgren, 2011: 3).
Science and religious studies are also taught as examinable subjects.
The act of such an officer, as an officer, can never be examinable by the courts.
Cosmically-inspired patterns bring distant wonders into close, examinable proximity.
We focused on variables that were examinable using brief client self-report instruments.