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(1) Information, including verifiable facts and data that support a practice or belief.

Evidence for Interferon Dose Effect: European-North American Comparative Efficacy. A clinical trial comparing 2 formulations of interferon beta-1a—Avonex and Rebif—in patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis.

Rebif was approved by the FDA based on its “clear superiority” in the EVIDENCE trial.
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In forensic medicine, all the tangible items and record materials pertinent to the legal considerations.

anecdotal evidence

Evidence based on anecdotes arising from the analysis of individual clinical cases, rather than the study of scientifically randomized groups of patients. Such evidence may be true or false, but it is always unreliable because it is based on hearsay, faulty reasoning, or other cause.

material evidence

In medicolegal considerations, such things as facts, medical records, documents, or expert testimony that are important to proving or disproving matters of dispute.
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Patient discussion about evidence

Q. Is there any clinical evidence to support to my question? Can acupuncture help reduce the pain in fibromyalgia? Is there any clinical evidence to support to my question?

A. Yes, acupuncture therapy can reduce the fatigue, widespread pain and sleep problems associated with fibromyalgia. If acupuncture can be used in place of pain reliever then its good as the side effect associated with pain relievers are reduced.

Q. Are vitamins really helpful? Last week some guy in the mall tried to sell me pills of “multi vitamins” and told me that these vitamins will protect my heart and brain. I told him that I never heard of such things, but he kept claiming that many researches and studies proved that vitamins are very helpful - is it true?

A. Regardless of whether they would make you immortal (or just impoverished ? ) you should consult your doctor before you start to take any medications (including herbs and vitamins), since they may interfere with medications your doctor prescribed you.

Q. Is it really working? My boyfriend practice Chinese medicine and he always advocate Chinese medicine and brings many examples in which regular medicine failed for many years and one treatment of acupuncture cured the problem. I know it sounds convincing, but maybe these stories are misleading? I find it hard to believe in this meridian thing. It seems just like an old and out-of-date theory. What do you think?

A. As a successful practicing doctor of Chinese medicine I can tell you this: it doesn't matter what a patient believes if the diagnosis and treatment is correct. I treat patients every day who benefit from treatment as seen by objective sign and symptom changes. I am not providing new-age this or that, or ambient music, or BS talk. It's a standardized form of medicine with a complete theory at its foundation. Those who say otherwise are uneducated, inexperienced, and full of empty speculative opinions. This is real clinical experience talking, having worked and practiced in 5 clinics with vastly different patient demographics.

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In 2016, PPG launched Teslin label stock to expand the portfolio of tamper evident label range
Palo Alto Networks said Evident extends the Palo Alto Networks API-based security capabilities, and helps cloud practitioners ensure their deployments are secure and achieve a continuous state of compliance, by analysing the configurations of all the services and account settings against strict security and compliance controls.
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(3) decision considered the question of whether a failure of ah arbitrator to disclose a financial relationship between himself and the prevailing party was sufficient to justify vacating the arbitration award due to "evident partiality." In that case, the arbitrator had conducted "repeated and significant" business with the prevailing party, including being involved in providing services for one of the specific projects that was a subject of the dispute being arbitrated.
The range of food containers and pots encompasses tamper evident round (120 ml2.3 litres), tamper evident rectangular and square (280 ml to 5 litres) and in-mould label decoration with photographic quality labelling.
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Morris' wit remains evident (in one memorable sequence a trio of women does echappes in canon to a ragtime), but the changes in staging undermine the original spatial design and the dancers' visual connection to the music.