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However, the needle-like leaves on coniferous evergreen trees stay green and produce food during winter.
Aim to have around the same number of evergreen and deciduous shrubs and trees.
Don't think that evergreen is just green - look for flowering evergreens which can provide a splash of colour when flowers are non-existent.
WINTER FOLIAGE: A variety of evergreen plants, right, and Thuja, left.
"Together Evergreen and Republic can provide expanded capabilities and more efficient services to meet the local economy's changing recycling needs.
Thomas H Stoner Jr, CEO and director of Evergreen said, 'We have transformed Evergreen to a clean tech company and our board changes reflect our new path.
11 February 2010 - Co-owners Q-Cells Evergreen and Renewable Energy Corporation ASA (OSL: REC), or REC, have signed a letter of intent to sell the struggling company Sovello AG, the latter said in a statement yesterday.
Good varieties include Rhododendron 'Blue Danube', a compact, neat evergreen azalea which bears masses of mauve flowers, is extremely hardy and ideally placed in light shade.
Evergreen 3 will involve constructing a connecting rail line south of Bicester where Chiltern's London to Birmingham line crosses over the proposed East-West line which will run between Oxford and Milton Keynes.
Some growers like to call the north wind various unprintable names because it tilts their newly planted evergreen to one side.
Taiwan-based Evergreen Group, the world's fourth largest containerized freight shipping company, plans to open a major shipyard in southeastern China, a Taiwanese newspaper reported Tuesday.

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