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To cause or undergo evaporation.
Synonym(s): volatilize


To cause or undergo evaporation.


(i-vap″ŏ-rā′shŏn) [L. evaporare, to disperse in steam]
1. Change from liquid to vapor.
2. Loss in volume due to conversion of a liquid into a vapor.
evaporate (i-vap′ŏ-rāt″) evaporative (i-vap′ŏ-rāt″iv)
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An integrated mathematical model has been developed to simulate the performance of the evaporatively cooled split AC system in a controlled space under certain operational conditions (using steady-state performance data supplied by the manufacturer and taking into account the transient effect of the compressor cycling and the manufacturer's minimum ON-OFF timing).
For these predictions an average rate of mass loss of 5% initial body mass per hour was permitted, but under extreme conditions mussels may be able to tolerate extremely hot conditions by evaporatively cooling at a faster rate but over a shorter period of time, the limits to which are set by desiccation stress and respiratory requirements.
Not surprisingly, mussels that evaporatively lose all of their available water over shorter periods (higher rates of mass loss and hence evaporative cooling) remain cooler than mussels that lose the same amount of water over a longer period of time [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 7B, C OMITTED].
With this amount of sock guard length, the wet cotton sock is able to evaporatively cool the temperature probe completely to the wet-bulb temperature, therefore ensuring that all axial conduction to the sensor is eliminated.
Large amounts of outside air are circulated through the filler pack, which evaporatively cools the water.
Evaporatively dried biosolids which are high in soluble CL will not only affect plant performance through osmotic stress, but may also compromise product quality through Cd mobilisation.
Using condensate to evaporatively cool the superheated refrigerant leaving the compressor can improve EER by 2% to 3%, approximately the same as water slinging.
The air is heated, if necessary, evaporatively cooled to the desired dew-point temperature and then reheated to the design window.
The 90[degrees]F DB, 60[degrees]F WB, with the air evaporatively cooled to 65[degrees]F example in the column was intended as an illustrative example to supplement the independent studies cited in the column.
The evaporatively cooled conditioner was packaged for field testing as a 500 cfm residential dehumidifier.
So a trade off exists between fan power consumption, deluge flow rate, and HX capacity, which is typical for hybrid evaporatively cooled HXs.
Whereas, a SEER 13 central air-conditioning system consumes 1200 Wh of electricity per ton-hr (341 Wh per kWh) of cooling at AHRI standard conditions, and an air-conditioning system with an evaporatively precooled condenser consumes 980 Wh and 2.5 gallons of water per ton-hr (2.69 L/kWh) of cooling.