evaporated milk

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1. a nutrient fluid produced by the mammary gland of many animals for nourishment of young mammals.
2. a liquid (emulsion or suspension) resembling the secretion of the mammary gland.
acidophilus milk milk fermented with cultures of Lactobacillus acidophilus; used in gastrointestinal disorders to modify the bacterial flora of the intestinal tract.
milk-alkali syndrome ingestion of milk and absorbable alkali in excess amounts, resulting in kidney damage and elevated blood calcium levels.
casein milk a prepared milk containing very little salt or sugar and a large amount of fat and casein.
condensed milk milk that has been partly evaporated and sweetened with sugar.
dialyzed milk milk from which the sugar has been removed by dialysis through a parchment membrane.
evaporated milk milk prepared by evaporation of half of its water content.
milk fever an endemic fever said to be due to the use of unwholesome cow's milk.
fortified milk milk made more nutritious by addition of milk protein, vitamin A, or vitamin D.
homogenized milk milk treated so the fats form a permanent emulsion and the cream does not separate.
milk of magnesia a suspension of magnesium hydroxide, used as an antacid and laxative.
modified milk cow's milk made to correspond to the composition of human milk.
protein milk milk modified to have a relatively low content of carbohydrate and fat and a relatively high protein content.
witch's milk milk secreted in the breast of a newborn infant.
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evaporated milk

milk from which half the water content has been evaporated by the application of heat, a vacuum, or both.
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e·vap·or·a·ted milk

(ē-vapŏr-ātĕd milk)
That from which half the water content has been evaporated by the application of heat, a vacuum, or both.
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But very few people are as acquainted to cooking with its unsweetened version - evaporated milk.
My eyes were moist, I'll admit, as the memories came flooding back, prompted by Graham's "send me your memories of evaporated milk" appeal.
The report considers, Evaporated Milk as an unsweetened condensed milk sterilized and treated to remove some 60% of the water to reach concentration.
The new Dh40 million ($10.9 million) dairy plant houses the latest available production equipment in the industry and is capable of producing 250,000 cartons per month of evaporated milk and cream, said Shiraz Osman, founder and chairman of Delta Food Industries.
Diamond Star General Trading currently has over 300 products with their flagship product being the American Green Evaporated Milk which is already gaining popularity over its competitors in the market and the American Green Basil Seed Drink.
Companies which exhibited at the Peru National Pavilion included Agro Fergi, Agromix Industrial, Andes Alimentos & Bebidas, Andes Mills, Chanchamayo Highland Coffee, Danper Trujillo, Gloria, Villa Andina and Viniculos Agricolas, which showcased products including fruits and vegetables, quinoa grains and flour, raw cacao powder, chia drinks, spices, gourmet dips, evaporated milk, dried fruits, fair trade jams and juices, and organic coffee.
Keith Murphy, R-Bedford, wanted to know: "What is the public purpose of carrying Spam and evaporated milk in a beer store?"
The consideration includes USD18.7m for the production facility, not including working capital delivered at the closing of the transaction, and USD6.3m for the transfer of Olam's trademark "Pearl", which will provide FrieslandCampina with the right to use it for sweet condensed and evaporated milk products in certain countries in Africa, Olam said.
evaporated milk is milk which has 60% of water removed.
Warm cream and evaporated milk in a pan and whisk into the eggs.
BUG CUPCAKES Ingredients (Makes 12) CUPCAKES 2 cups white self-raising flour 1 cup caster sugar 2 eggs 1/2 cup Carnation Evaporated Milk 150g butter, melted 1tsp vanilla essence ICING & DECORATION 100g butter, softened 1 3/4 cups icing sugar 1-2 tbsp hot water 1 tsp vanilla essence 1-2 drops food colouring Sweets such as Smarties, Liquorice Allsorts, Party Mixes.
Supply of evaporated milk for the employees in 1.8 Kg tin cans.