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Q. What does an autism evaluation consist of? How long does it take? My two year old is getting evaluated for autism and I want to know what to expect. He is already in speech therapy. His speech therapist said she sees no signs of autism but I still want him tested just to be sure.

A. Hi Hun.. my twin son Thomas was 3 when he was taken to an assessment unit it was a 6 week look at him and how he was and acted, within a few sessions he was diagnosed with severe autism, he is nine now and still non verbal and still in nappies, i have to say autism isn't just about the lack of speech its a lot more than this, lack of eye contact , no interest in playing with other children head banging limited diet also can he a factor, Thomas had a speech therapist before he was assest at the “child development center” and even she said she thought he had autism but its not down to them they just pass on to the right people what she seen during the session, age two is very Young to be assest that is why (depending where your from) they like to leave it to three as speech is still developing.

Q. Can someone please explain the reason for juvenile delinquency?

A. Juvenile delinquency is not necessarily a trait of bipolar disorder, although it is possible for a person with bipolar disorder to act on impulse while experiencing an episode. To use Justins example, shop lifting, an adult in a manic episode may spend all of their money without thought or reason, where a child/youth may not have money to spend which may lead to shop lifting. In a manic episode Justin is right the lines between right and wrong can be blurred, thus the person suffering may make poor decisions and can find themselves in trouble with the law.

Q. Are Bipolar disorder and alcoholism related to each other? I need to know this.

A. People with bipolar disorder have a higher risk of becoming dependant on alcohol or drugs. It is called self medicating. Usually this behavior begins before there is a diagnosis or if diagnosed and being treated the treatment is not working properly. The substance offers the person a "mental break" the problem is this break is temperary because alcohol is a depressant so only for a little while is their any relief and then the depression worsens. It becomes a nasty cycle. If you or someone you know is self medicating and is being treated for bipolar disorder I would suggest going to the doctors and talking about your/their adictions and deside with a professional if the medications currently being taken are effective. From there hopefully the need for alcohol or drugs will lessen, then it is an issue of making a decision to stop all together.

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Structured assessment tools administered to a defendant are also often used by forensic evaluators because they provide systematically collected and standardized analyses of the defendant's response patterns, perceptions, personality characteristics, and cognitive impairments.
It further said that the evaluators also noticed that the medical teams failed to identify priority patients who need the most medical attention before transporting them to the designed emergency operation center.
Unlike the evaluator, the incentive of success fee for the financial advisers will enable them to maximise sale proceeds for the government of Pakistan and ensure successful completion of transactions.
'We still lack evaluators even if they are in huge numbers now.
Syeda Faiza Ahmad, board member at PEA shared some of her practical experience as a female evaluator. She suggested that being a female evaluator is not easy in rural Pakistan as it adds an additional bias in the responses they receive.
Bahrain's Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Rera) recently hosted a workshop to discuss the key measures which will be introduced over the coming months to regulate the real estate evaluator profession in the kingdom, said a report.
28 (BNA): Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, CEO of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) addressed a workshop for leading figures in the sector to discuss measures which will be introduced within months to regulate the real estate evaluator profession in Bahrain.
"So now, the evaluator is touching base with the judge, saying 'I will complete my report and answer the questions you asked me to answer.' That means the divorce is moving along, because [Jolie and Pitt] cannot agree on something with regard to the parenting plan - whether it's legal issues, medical issues, education, and/or where the children are on any particular day," she continued.
Additionally, the images were included in a registry reading base to then be attached to an evaluation format that was sent (via Gmail or in USB memory) to the evaluators with the photographs before the intervention and the photographs to be evaluated after removing the intervention (upon discharge from the study).
This issue, which applies to the universe of studies that use the script VPAS, refers to a demand for the establishment of a vocal profile based on judgments of several evaluators. That is, the final result of the evaluation of each vocal sample should be considered in light of the judgments made by evaluators individually, resulting in the definition of a vocal quality adjustment (and its degree of manifestation), which comprises the voice quality profile from a phonetic point of view.
The following evaluators served as External Examiner:- Professor Dr.