evacuated tube

e·vac·u·a·ted tube

(ē-vak'yū-āt-ĕd tūb)
A plastic or glass sealed vacuum tube used to collect a blood specimen obtained through venipuncture.
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Tenders are invited for Installation And Commissioning Of Solar Water Heating System With Evacuated Tube Collector, Rated Capacity In Litres Per Day Lpd : 500 , And Solar Hot Water Tank Capacity : 500 Lts As Per Technical Specification In Attached Annexure.
Concentrating solar collectors are used in solar power plants such as solar parabolic trough and solar towers, and non-concentrating solar collectors are used in small-scale applications such as flat plate, evacuated tube, unglazed water collector, and air collector.
This includes centralised solar water heating for building complexes through an evacuated tube collector system.
They used two types of thermal panels: an evacuated tube type and a flat plate type, what Reeve calls "black paint in a box with tubes going through it that heats water.
The glycol solution is heated by a large bank of 60 Apricus evacuated tube collectors.
Each evacuated tube consists of a clear glass outer tube and a glass inner tube, which is coated with a dark UV absorbing film.
The air then returned around the outside of the copper tube to the top from where it could flow through a following similar evacuated tube.
Among the topics are the time optimal control of mechatronic systems, an explicit formula for estimating aerodynamic drag on trains running in evacuated tube transportation, the numerical simulation of load optimization in a multi-dimensional vibration test, a phase unwrapping method based on the windowed Fourier transform, the theoretical study of mechanical properties by using the acoustic signature, and effective Internet communication filtering.
The plant - the only such plant in the UK - will include solar concentrating reflective troughs and heat pipe evacuated tube solar collectors to utilise energy from the sun.
It's completed by a 10m solar evacuated tube thermal array on the slate roof.
The system will consist of 8 off copper-lined steel storage calorifi ers being manufactured at our factory in Halifax and heated by 600 sq m of evacuated tube solar collectors, with the solar irridation and calorifiers feeding various applications within the institute.
in the mid-1990s, but he started brain-storming about evacuated tube transport a decade earlier.