euthyroid sick syndrome

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eu·thy·roid sick syn·drome

abnormalities in levels of hormones and function tests related to the thyroid gland occurring in patients with severe systemic disease. Thyroid function is actually normal in these patients, and it is uncertain whether treatment of these abnormalities would be beneficial.

euthyroid sick syndrome

Lab medicine A “condition” in Pts who are critically ill with nonthyroid diseases that alter serum levels of thyroid hormones which, in absence of underlying nonthyroid illness, would be correctly interpreted as indicating a disease of the thyroid 'axis' Lab Peripheral ↓/inhibition of 5'-deiodinase, the deiodination enzyme, resulting in ↓ peripheral 5'-monodeiodination of thyroxine–T4, reversed, free, and total T3; TSH, TRH, and usually free thyroxine levels are normal. See Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism.

euthyroid sick syndrome

Any derangement in thyroid hormone blood levels in patients affected by another (usually critical) illness. The altered levels of thyroid hormones are not caused by primary thyroid dysfunction; they return to normal when the underlying illness is successfully treated.


having a normally functioning thyroid gland.

euthyroid sick syndrome
a euthyroid state in which extrathyroidal factors cause a reduction of serum T3 or T4 and elevation of reverse T3 levels. Seen in patients with systemic illness, trauma, fever, starvation, treatment with glucocorticoids, etc. May be a protective metabolic effect.
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