eutectic temperature

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eu·tec·tic tem·per·a·ture

the temperature at which a eutectic mixture becomes fluid (melts).
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These questions have arisen because of the 34[degrees]C difference between the eutectic temperature in the SnAgCu system of 217[degrees]C and the eutectic temperature of SnPb of 183[degrees]C.
This low temperature can be achieved since the eutectic temperature of the proposed blend with oil shale is low.
Due to the absence of lead, the eutectic temperature is now higher, around 215[degrees]C.
When the path intersects the face and the edge, the 11 9 x 5 phase and CuO also crystallize, and eventually at the 2212 eutectic temperature, 2110 also appears.
The metallurgical innovation uses a unique monolithic ternary solder material designed to melt near the Sn/Pb (tin/lead) eutectic temperature.
This lower temperature, known as the eutectic temperature, applies only to controlled laboratory test conditions and is not really valid in actual snow and ice melting.
At constant pressure, three phases can coexist in a binary (two element) system only at a single temperature and at a single composition, so the eutectic temperature is fixed (constant).
5]) easily precipitate at its eutectic temperature and the solder itself attacks the copper surfaces of boards it comes in contact with.
The eutectic temperature in the tin-silver-copper system is 217[degrees]C, higher than eutectic tin-lead by 34[degrees]C.
The eutectic temperature is the lowest temperature at which the material melts snow and ice over a longer period of time and only under controlled laboratory conditions.
However, when a silica lining was simultaneously acted upon by the oxides of magnesium and aluminum, the melting point of the ternary mixture was lowered to the ternary eutectic temperature of 2,489F (1,365C).
The heat released during the formation of pre-eutectic dendrites was contributed mainly by the latent heat because the temperature range between the liquidus temperature and the eutectic temperature is generally small for diecasting alloys.