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1. A mixture of metals wherein the metals are miscible in the liquid state but separate into two phases in the solid state, usually alternating fine layers of one phase over the other. The fusion temperature is lower than that of any of the components.
2. An alloy that freezes at a constant temperature; the lowest of the series.
[eu- + G. tēxis, a melting away]
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Also, the capillary tube capacity ensuring effective operation of eutectic system at all the range of operation conditions could not be selected.
The board weights had the same effect on the peak temperature that we had with the eutectic solder profile.
The germanium tin compound is a eutectic alloy that has been considered by the investigators as a prototypical phase-change material because it can exist at room temperature in either a stable crystalline state or a metastable amorphous state.
As for surface finishes, hot-air solder leveling or HASL is used for eutectic PCBs, but is not appropriate for lead free assembly.
Increased (10-102 [degrees]C/s) cooling rate of overheated in intermediate unit steel melt caused in EBCHR during solidification in copper water-cooled glide mould change of kinetics of its eutectic solidification, which effected quantity, morphology and character of distribution of eutectic component of the structure.
EMS providers must make sure that they thoroughly understand the specifications for lead-free components and that there is thermal compatibility with eutectic components in case of hybrid assembly utilizing both eutectic and lead-free components.
Up to eight eutectic collet or conical tip vacuum bond tools may be mounted and pre-calibrated in the bond head.
'We will be liaising with the local authorities and investment agencies to secure a major sale, at the same time as finding Eutectic the right premises.'
Tonix's proprietary eutectic formulation of cyclobenzaprine, or TNX-102 SL, is designed for chronic sublingual (under-the-tongue) administration daily at bedtime, which facilitates transmucosal absorption of cyclobenzaprine and bypasses first pass liver metabolism.
It aims to improve the mechanical properties of eutectic tin-silver (SnAg) such as tensile strength, plasticity and creep resistance by adding different concentrations of Ni content.
At the eutectic temperature for typical commercial cast iron chemistries, the equilibrium constant, Keq, for the reaction Mn + S--> MnS is around 0.03.
Recently, deep eutectic solvents have been considered as promising solvents to improve C[O.sub.2] capture efficiency and to reduce capture cost [2].