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1. A mixture of metals wherein the metals are miscible in the liquid state but separate into two phases in the solid state, usually alternating fine layers of one phase over the other. The fusion temperature is lower than that of any of the components.
2. An alloy that freezes at a constant temperature; the lowest of the series.
[eu- + G. tēxis, a melting away]
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A statement from Castolin Eutectic, commenting on the KSA market, said: "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers good opportunities for growth.
In this study, the binary aluminum-nickel and aluminum-iron eutectics, as well as the ternary aluminum-iron-nickel eutectic are considered as alternatives to the aluminum-silicon eutectic for constituting aluminum casting alloys.
However, there has been limited use of the EQCM and none of PBD in room temperature ionic liquids, including deep eutectic solvents (DES).
Gilbert and colleagues developed a formulation containing lidocaine, thymol and ethanol in specific ratios that improved EMLA's eutectic absorption effect.
In the eutectic ILs phase, it consists of nitrogen cations and anions complex, in these structures, the weak interactions of the nitrogen cations with the anions complex, and the large radius ratios, make possible break away of cation from anion relation, and cation motion quantities can turn out to be greater.
For the end users to achieve highest productivity gains through its special products, processes and services, Castolin Eutectic believes in providing them with technical know-how and training about how different alloy choices could best reduce their production downtime.
For more information on Palomar's Model 6500 WSP Eutectic Die Bonder, please visit www.
They also performed a comparison of the calculated fatigue life of samples failed by cracked eutectic particles and debonded eutectic with actual fatigue life.
This eutectic die bonder is designed for fully automatic precision component assembly-even up to 1.
In addition to a heat trigger, an off-eutectic system provides the other two components needed for healing--dendrites as a structural component and the liquid eutectic phase as a mobile healing agent.
They addressed the solidification process through thermal analysis, measured microstructure with conventional optical microscopy and electron probe microanalysis, and examined eutectic silicon particle characteristics through quantitative image analysis.