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(yo͝or′ə-thûr′məl) also


(-mĭk) or


Adaptable to a wide range of temperatures. Used of an organism.

eu′ry·therm′ n.
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A comparison of the metabolic cost of protein synthesis in stenothermal and eurythermal isopod crustaceans.
When stenothermal spring habitats and eurythermal stream habitats are concurrently accessible in the Devils River, D.
2001) and fauna (Castro-Aguirre and Torres-Orozco 1993; Felix-Pico and Garcia-Dominguez 1993) therefore occupies this region as either eurythermal resident species or seasonal transients.
The Gulf of California is primarily tropical in origin but could well be considered subtropical: its northernmost areas are primarily populated by eurythermal tropical species, whereas the southern fauna gradually evolves spatially to a more typical tropical biota (Brusca, 1980).
Eurythermal tolerance of white sharks is probably due, in part, to their ability to thermoregulate (Carey et al.
However, for eurythermal species continuously distributed around southern Florida, the roles of historical versus contemporary processes that shape population structure are less clean Of particular interest in these continuously distributed species is how latitudinal ecotones in eastern Florida contribute to the maintenance or dissolution of any Atlantic/Gulf genetic differences.
Regarding mechanisms for temporal stability, Jackson (1994b) suggests that the major climatic changes that drive biotic turnovers might also impose a filter favoring eurythermal species; these would then persist, because their limits are not exceeded, over subsequent climatic oscillations (see also Stanley 1986).
vannamei is indeed a tropical and eurythermal species (Rivera-Velazquez et al, 2008), likely contributing to its hardiness to aquaculture conditions.
Oxygen delivery does not limit thermal tolerance in a tropical eurythermal crustacean.