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Distribution of patients according to duration of euphoric symptoms in patients who shown positive results in previous tables.
However, manic episodes were a predictor of psychosis and euphoric mania (factors 1 and 2), and mixed episodes were associated with mixity (factor 3).
Holden said: "I am euphoric to be heading back to my place at the judges desk - to be honest after the last couple of weeks I'm euphoric to be anywhere.
They liken it to a euphoric stimulant, similar to ecstasy."
"Learning how to fly was so euphoric, because it was like I was learning how to ride a bike - it was a first," she said.
Opposite of this, Jeton Shasivari says that the Government is still euphoric after the EC recommendation.
Financial stocks were on the back foot as the London market retreated from yesterday's euphoric 2.9% gain in response to the US Government's EUR1bn toxic asset rescue plan.
The benchmark Mumbai 30-share Sensex index rose 838.08 points, or 5.94 per cent to 14,942.28, its fifth straight day of gains."The market was euphoric," said Rupa Rege Nitsure, the chief economist with Bank of Baroda.
BORO'S record-breaking 8-1 win over Manchester City sent euphoric fans home for the summer buzzing with excitement.
Experience chocolate and discover the difference among Euphoric Indulgence, Sweet Serenity, Pure Rapture, and Chocolate for the Vine.
Leaping, spinning, and sliding, they are euphoric as they pound out complex rhythms on a surface that gives with each landing, responding to each percussive shuffle-ball-change.