A medium for mounting histologic specimens, composed of sandarac, eucalyptol, paraldehyde, camphor, and phenyl salicylate.
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Abdomens were macerated in 10% aqueous KOH at 100 [degrees]C, cleaned in water, stained with Chlorazol black and Eosin Y, and slide mounted in Euparal or stored in glycerin.
Los ejemplares fueron macerados con hidroxido de potasio al 8% en bano Maria, lavados en agua destilada caliente, acido acetico al 10%, alcohol isopropilico mezclado con aceite de clavo, aceite de clavo puro y finalmente incluidos en resina Euparal.
Head capsules were slide-mounted in Euparal, identified, counted and photographed.
Wings of illustrated extant specimens were cut off specimens preserved dry or under ethanol, softened as necessary, and mounted in white Euparal (Asco Laboratories, Manchester, UK).
On the mount, genitalia are put in a small drop of Euparal after being rinsed in water and soaked in 100 % ethanol.
Mouthparts and legs of larvae as well as male genitalia and wings of the adults were mounted on microscope slides using Euparal.
Slides were made permanent by freezing with CO2, removing the cover slip, dehydrating in absolute alcohol and mounting in Euparal.
The organs were mounted in euparal on slides and examined under optical microscope.
Oxidacion de la muestra con HNO3 y montaje de las laminas usando hydroxylethyl celulosa (HEC) para homogenizar las particulas organicas en el cubreobjetos y euparal o balsamo de Canada para fijarlo permanentemente sobre el portaobjetos.
They were then transferred to Euparal Essence overnight at room temperature, prior to mounting in Euparal on microscope slides using 10 or 12 mm coverslips supported by small sections of 0.