Normal state of body water content; absence of absolute or relative hydration or dehydration.


A normal amount of water in the body.

hydration status

refers to body fluid levels. euhydration the normal state of body water content (typically about 40 litres). hypohydration reduced total body water which may develop by the process of dehydration due to excessive sweating under exercise heat stress. Athletes may lose 2-6% body weight during prolonged exercise. Hypohydration is detrimental to both exercise performance and health and should be prevented by provision of fluids to match water loss. In several sports (e.g. boxing, power lifting, wrestling) athletes may purposely induce dehydration to achieve weight loss prior to competition. hyperhydration increased total body water. It has been proposed that prior hyperhydration may improve thermoregulation during exercise heat stress, but studies have had inconsistent results. See also water balance.
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The American College of Sports Medicine's recommendation for athletes to consume between 400 to 600 mlof water 2 hours before exercise should be used as a minimum standard for tennis players to help promote euhydration.
Conclusion: The American football players have lost less than 1% of their body weight, remaining in a state of euhydration even though the urinary density reveal dehydration in two phases of the practice.
After the subject achieved euhydration, his height and body mass were measured.
10) Specific gravity values were categorized as euhydration (USG<1.
Hydration status was divided to three escalating categories in which euhydration was defined as USG between 1.
Participants were instructed to drink a bottle of fixed volume (~500 mL) of water before sleep prior to the experiment day and another bottle of fixed volume (~500 mL) of water 2 hours before reporting to the lab to maintain a state of euhydration.
In recovery, a beverage containing 5-10% CHO with 30-40 mEq sodium should be ingested to achieve euhydration.
Results from the study showed there is a clear difference in five-hour urine volume in response to the water load, between euhydration (1236.
The normal hydration status for an individual is defined as euhydration, with parameters varying between age groups (Martini, 2004).
For these reasons, guidelines emphasise the need to use first morning urine samples to allow discrimination between euhydration and dehydration (Sawka et al.
020 was considered euhydration (3), and was a requirement for the BIA assessment.
This would ensure a somewhat overcompensation and euhydration state in the fasting athletes prior to the start of the day's fast.