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Emboldened by advances in medical technology, negative eugenicists openly supported state-sponsored sterilization.
This strategy of political activism and education, fashioned in the late 1920s, resulted in the fact that eugenicists faced opposition from U.
Some early eugenicists took a primarily environmental approach, suggesting that social changes would bring about biological improvements.
22) This diverse intellectual interest linked the work of noted eugenicists such as the General Secretary, C.
One of the most influential American eugenicists was Harry H.
Chapter one identifies a paradox: whilst fictions that explore eugenicist fantasies are still read--and read widely
Many early scientific journals focusing on heredity in plants and lower organisms were published by eugenicists and included "scientific" articles on human eugenics-promoting studies of heredity.
This chapter is a real highlight of the book as Craig considers the complexities of intersections between eugenicist discourse and contraception in insightful ways, recognising 'the slipperiness' of 'the strict categorization of racial uplift, eugenics, and the birth control advocates into "us" --the "fit" middle class--and "the others"--the poor, uneducated, and often racially othered "unfit"' (p.
Social Darwinism stressed the improvement of human hereditary by natural selection, while eugenics typically emphasises artificial selection, a distinction made more complicated as some eugenicists are devoted to Social Darwinism.
Eugenicist discourses alternately presented Jews as an "intermediate race" that threatened white hegemony or, paradoxically, a "uniquely pure" race; eugenicists subscribing to the latter view often suggested that persecution and pogroms had selected for only the "fittest" members of the community (128).
The New Street building is an important part of Birmingham's history and it was where in addition to Tolkien, Francis Galton, explorer, anthropologist and eugenicist, Edward Burne-Jones, artist and designer, Enoch Powell, politician and classical scholar, all famous sons of Birmingham, and Field Marshall Slim were also educated.