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The dried leaves of Eucalyptus globulus (family Myrtaceae), the blue gum or Australian fever tree.


Herbal medicine
An evergreen, the volatile oil of which contains eucalyptol and cineole, pinenes, sesquiterpene alcohols and others. It is antiseptic and expectorant, and is commonly used as a steam inhalant for asthma and respiratory infections and to soothe oral mucosae, and used topically for dry skin and dandruff.


n Latin name:
Eucalyptus globulus; parts used: branch tips, leaves, essential oil; uses: in Ayurveda, pacifies kapha and vata doshas (pungent, bitter, light, oily), decongestant, antioxidant, antibacterial, antispasmodic used to treat IBS, gallstones, kidney stones, cystitis, CNS stimulant, aromatherapy; precautions: avoid mucous membranes; patients with severe renal, hepatic or gastric conditions; patients taking amphetamines, barbiturates, insulin, antidiabetics. Also called
blue gum, fever tree, gum, nilgiri, red gum, stringy bark tree, tailparna, or
Tasmanian blue gum.
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genus of Australian trees in the family Myrtaceae, widely planted throughout the world. Two species E. cladocalyx (sugar gum) and E. viminalis (manna gum) may contain toxic amounts of cyanogenic glycosides. Called also gum trees.

Eucalyptus melanophloia
host tree larvae of Australian sawfly (Lophyrotoma interrupta) which may poison sheep and cattle. Called also silver-leaf ironbark.
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It shows that a three to four-year-old eucalyptus deprives the water table to the tune of 100 litres in 24 hours.
They were collected eight Eucalyptus clones and two Corymbia clones (Table 1), with approximately six years old, in the municipalities of Capelinha (Cap) and Itamandiba (Ita), State of Minas Gerais--Brazil, in the geographic coordinates 17[degrees]41' 38"S and 42[degrees]31' 07"O, and 1.
Officially called Eucalyptus Deglupta, the tree is more commonly known as the "rainbow eucalyptus" or the "Mindanao gum.
Studies with Eucalyptus in Brazil began at 1904 by Edmundo Navarro de Andrade (in the Companhia Paulista de Estradas de Ferro), who introduced several species and origins of the genus in Jundiai Garden, Sao Paulo.
The Phoracantha bark beetle species continue to have an impact on eucalyptus species including blue gum, especially in Southern California.
When I was growing up, we had a neighbor with a few eucalyptus trees in their backyard.
There are great differences in the susceptibility of eucalyptus to wasp attack (Mendel et al.
According to a study published in Nature Communications, both lab-grown and wild eucalyptus trees were tested for traces of gold by a group led by Melvyn Lintern of Australia's national science agency CSIRO.
The trademark eucalyptus trees at Polis campsite have been severely cut back
Native to Australia, eucalyptus trees have been planted throughout the world, with large populations of the species now growing in California as well as China, India and Brazil--they live on every continent apart from Antarctica.
This still did not answer the question of how well eucalyptus oil performed versus TB and whether it performed against the pharmaceutically resistant types.
We've already seen early demand for Eucalyptus and believe it will provide commercial companies and public sector organizations in India with the best solution for on-premise and hybrid cloud computing.