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Just as a physicist does not claim a hypothesis is true without experimentation and observations, an etymologist does not plump for a story simply because it sounds logical," Wilton writes regarding this bit of doggerel.
According to the inimitable 19th century Scottish etymologist and polymath, the Reverend Walter Skeat (Litt.
A must for the etymologist or the simply curious, this impeccably-researched and beautifully presented dictionary has more than 500 pages of entries, from the tongue-twisters to the plain bizarre.
The etymologist tossed the log onto the fire anyway shouting ``they like a good fire too you know
Many of the origins of phrases we use are myths, says Jenny Rees after reading a new book on the subject YOU don't have to be a wordsmith or etymologist to be fascinated by the history of the words in every day language.
Etymologist Fredd Culbertson has catalogued about 530 on his Phobia List website (http://phobialist.
Etymologists used to study etymological equivalents in different languages ever before modern linguistics was born.
Pedant that he admittedly is, Reacher delights the etymologists among his readers, going back to the original French and Latin derivations of words such as "affidavit," "shrapnel," and "expedition.
As many linguists and etymologists have noted, the word "play" has roots in the Anglo-Saxon "plegian," which entails bestirring oneself or doing something.
Furness cites the dry comment of Charles Moberly, a nineteenth-century editor of the play, to the effect that Jaques's own explanation of "Ducdame" as "A Greek invocation to call fools into a circle" has certainly proved correct in terms of the line's heady effect on the long parade of linguists and etymologists who have attempted to explain it (Furness, ed.
First of all, Boccaccio could not mean that a name can signify who and what a person is--a characteristic which medieval etymologists were willing to attribute to pre-Adamitic language or to extraordinary people, as the case is with Beatrice (Vita nuova 2.