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A porphyrin derivative characterized by the presence on each of the four pyrrole rings of one methyl group and one ethyl group; four isomeric forms are thus possible.
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In order to determine the concentration of vanadium etioporphyrins in our samples, we prepared dilutions of the standard solution (vanadium IV etioporphyrin III oxide) and determined the absorbance as a function of concentration.
Using these results, the concentration of the vanadium etioporphyrin in our COE can be estimated as being 3.8 mg/L, which is in agreement with generally observed concentrations in crude oil from the oil from the same geographical location [9].
Comparing the experimental UV-Vis spectra from the crude oil extracts with databases of spectra for petroporphyrins, we conclude that the vanadium etioporphyrins are the best fit for our crude oil samples.
In summary, the three characteristic bands appearing in the spectra of the nonirradiated samples correspond to the bands of vanadium etioporphyrins: at 407 nm the Soret band and the [beta] and [alpha] bands at 533 nm and 572 nm, respectively [18].