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, etiological (ē'tē-ŏ-loj'ik, -ăl)
Relating to etiology.
Synonym(s): aetiologic, aetiological.
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(ēt″ē-ol′ŏ-jē) [Gr. aitia, cause, + logos, word, reason]
1. The study of the causes of disease.
2. The cause of a disease.
etiologicetiological (ēt″ē-ŏ-loj′ik) (ēt″ē-ŏ-loj′ĭ-kăl), adjective
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Patient discussion about etiological

Q. how is depression caused by having cancer treated? I mean not only the patient, also the family members who tend to get depressed by the situation. how can you treat thi skind of depression?

A. thanks guys, you are great. Nice to have such a community here.

Q. What causes fibromyalgia? Is fibromyalgia a deadly disease?

A. The causes of fibromyalgia are not known. But there are many theories such as abnormalities in brain chemicals, infections, trauma, genetics and hormonal changes. Factors such as poor sleep, fatigue, overexertion and anxiety, may aggravate the symptoms. Fibromyalgia is not a progressive or life-threatening condition, but it affects quality of life. Fibromyalgia is only a disorder of muscles and not a disease.

Q. Is that true that mouth sores are caused by lack of vitamins? I’ve been having white mouth sores in the past 6 months or so. Could that mean I have to take vitamin supplements?

A. yup ... autoimmune reactions means your immune system is not working well
it's not working well because it lacks the nutrient and vitamins it needs to function properly
- take lots of vitamin c to boost your immune system
- organic multivitamins
- organic juices high in anti oxidants
- and most important .. omega 3-6-9

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