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Subjected to, or characterized by, etiolation.
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These days, we're stuck with "The Leftovers,'' an etiolated HBO series by the guy who dragged out "Lost'' for however many number of seasons.
Effect of ethanol, methanol and acetone on rooting etiolated cuttings of Vigna radiata in presence of sucrose and auxin.
Here are some images from my Houston habitat: ten or twelve businessmen in shirtsleeves lined up to serve themselves at a Middle Eastern steamtable, a certain indigenous shrub (I don't know its name) studded with blossoms so glowingly blue that they turn afternoon into evening, the etiolated ghost cities that refineries become when seen at a distance, the clusters of Mexican day laborers I see squatting alongside the freeway feeder road, the flocks of shining grackles that explode from scrubby trees in department store parking lots, flapping thunderously and cawing raucously.
Sholto Kynoch produced atmospheric and beautifully paced and balanced playing in the demanding accompaniment, ranging from icy decoration in the limping dance of "Pride and ambition" to the frozen barcarolle of Hallucinations, while Stone's blanched white voice which characterised the final etiolated words of the cycle produced a long silence which noone dared to break for many long seconds.
In November last year at Sotheby's New York, the magisterial Grande tete mince (Grande tete de Diego) of 1954 (edition 6 of 6; cast 1955), an etiolated bust with a head almost thin enough to slice your hand, achieved $50m (Fig.
In etiolated soybean seedlings th-tubulin had decreasedtranscript levels in the hypocotyls upon light illumination.
The post-1989 political arena has featured an alleged "end of history", followed by an age of terrorist threat to the repercussions of globalized neoliberal policies; it presents a complex and contradictory field of engagement, one in which community has been etiolated, and in which activism or intervention may seem naive or pointless.
Since 1976 it had been known that [Ag.sup.+] applied foliarly as AgN[O.sub.3], effectively blocked the ability of exogenously applied ethylene to elicit the classical "triple" response in intact etiolated peas; stimulate leaf, flower, and fruit abscission in cotton; and induce senescence of orchids.
Commissioned by the Elohites' charismatic leader, Daniel's life history is the testament of a decadent culture left behind for the edification of its etiolated successors.
We're the petrified ones this time round; dwelling on death, too washed out to switch the TV channel; etiolated: languid and limp.
"the image," an etiolated version of the object, existing only