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The monovalent radical, CH3CH2O-.
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The presence of ethoxyl group from titanium(IV) ethoxide in case of Ti[O.sub.2]/316L/1, occurred during the incomplete hydrolysis, could be a reason of the creation of a shorter chains network Ti[O.sub.2], what in consequence increases the surface roughness.
Moreover, some ethoxyl groups in various APFS chains of 3-aminopropyl-diethoxysilane reacted with one another to form a crosslinked structure, The FSPUU films were then transferred into an oven at 60[degrees]C for 1 week.
It is proposed that the hydroxyl groups generated from the ring-opening polymerization of epoxy groups reacts with either the ethoxyl or silanols groups of the polysilicate network to form a "tethered" structure between the organic and inorganic phase.