ethnobotanical evidence

ethnobotanical evidence (ethˈ·nō·b·taˑ·ni·kl eˑ·v·dens),

n data collected by botanists, anthropologists, and others who study the plant medicines of different cultures.
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48) Ethnobotanical evidence reports the "healthy pregnancy and healthy baby" in the case of a woman, who stopped taking DC seed in order to conceive.
Historical and ethnobotanical evidence makes an essential contribution to multi-disciplinary research which broadens our understanding and appreciation of medicinal plants, and can offer clues to their therapeutic action.
We then examine the historical record for the period between the discovery of the Pacific Ocean by Spaniards and the trans-Pacific trade organized by the Spanish crown, and investigate the archaeological record, linguistic and ethnobotanical evidence.
Different medicinal plants collected from various locations in Pakistan having ethnobotanical evidences as anti- venom.