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This book gathers essays by contributors in ethnobiology, anthropology, cultural ecology, conservation biology, and environmental science, as well as those in Native America linguistics and indigenous studies; many of the contributors are themselves from indigenous groups, working to preserve their communitiesAE lifeways and knowledge.
The Australian Research Council Linkage Project LP120200393 'Aboriginal place names and ethnobiology: enhancing interpretation of Indigenous culture and heritage' provided support for the preparation of this paper.
ex Cass, was collected in February 2011 in Guatemala, Departamento Peten, near the north-western shore of Lago Peten Itza, 0.5 km NNW of San Jose in the area of the Chakmamantok-rock formation (16[degrees]59/16"N, 89[degrees]53'45"W) and within the botanical garden of the Institute for Ethnobiology (Unger et al., 2013).
Taylor said he tries to find teachable moments, on subjects as distinctive at ethnobiology, and is proud when his lessons stick.
In Chapter 1, Ross, Pawley, and Osmond provide a clear context for their work within the field of Austronesian linguistics and ethnobiology. The authors' significant research experience frames their explanations of methods and potential false assumptions, thus demonstrating the complexities of comparing data gathered in diverse ways from dictionary authors and researchers.