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Conversion of an alcohol into an ether.
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PGEs and TPGE from the etherification of glycerol with propylene and BGEs from the etherification of glycerol with 1-butene were evaluated as fuel additives.
Monostarch substitution Improved paste clarity (etherification and esterification, including polymer grafting) 2.
Adams, "Multi-Purpose Catalytic Distillation Column and Etherification Process Using Same," U.S.A.
This is accomplished by acetylation (esterification) or hydroxypropylation (etherification).
Commonly used conventional modification reactions include acetalization, carbamation, etherification, or esterification of hydroxyl group of PVA.
Liu, "Etherification of hemicelluloses from sugarcane bagasse," Journal of Applied Polymer Science, vol.
The obtained mixture was heated for 4 hours at 140[degrees]C in air for complete etherification and then resultant precursor was burned at 450[degrees]C for 2 hours.
At first, p-nitrophenoxy alkanes were synhesized by the Williamson etherification of p- nitrophenol with corresponding dibromoalkanes [27].
This reaction, namely, etherification, competes with the amine-epoxy cure reaction, as shown in Scheme 3 [8, 56].
Cellulose is commonly converted into useful derivatives by etherification. Among these, Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is the most important water soluble derivative, with many applications in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and detergents industries, etc.
Based on the variety of functional groups (hydroxyls, carbonyls, carboxyls etc), etherification, esterification, alkylation, hydroxyalkylation, graft copolymerization, crosslinking and oxidation reactions can be conducted to produce ecomaterials with many practical applications (Hon, D.N.
Higher degrees of hydrolysis result in a product with higher hydroxyl content and lower viscosity, whereas etherification (oligomerization) results in lower hydroxyl content and higher viscosity.