ethanol test

eth·a·nol test

(eth'ă-nol test)
Measurement of alcohol consumption in drivers who are determined to have acted in a manner suggesting impairment; may involve blood, urine, or breath testing.
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Milk stability to the ethanol test is of great importance for milk producers and dairy industries, especially in developing countries such as Brazil, Uruguay, Aigentina, Taiwan and Russia since it defines milk suitability for industrial processing --milk with reduced stability is considered unsuitable and is not collected by dairies.
Samples were analyzed for stability to the ethanol test: in a Petri dish, 2mL of milk was mixed with 2mL of alcoholic solution (one concentration of alcohol at a time) with ethanol concentrations varying between 68 and 84[degrees]GL--results were expressed as the minimal ethanol concentration that induced coagulation of milk proteins; acidity by titration with 0.1NaOH solution; sodium content by atomic absorption spectrophotometry.
Feeding level was positively correlated with milk stability to the ethanol test, total eating time, total rumination time and rumination while lying.
A solution containing 5% ethanol was administered to ethanol Test group A for seven days, and ethanol Test group B received 5% ethanol for seven days and then 10% ethanol for another seven days.
It is possible that this outlier may actually represent an individual whose blood ethanol was not reflective of premortem ethanol intake or that one of the illicit substances that the patient had taken somehow gave a false-positive blood ethanol test. Five of seven individuals with chronic alcoholism and negative blood ethanol at the time of autopsy showed higher FREE concentrations in adipose tissue than in liver.
An ethanol test is performed on a discrete analyzer in the chemistry department.
Therefore, the results of a blood ethanol test from heart blood obtained postmortem should be interpreted with caution.
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