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Abbreviation for electrostatic unit.
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electrosurgical unit



A device used to cut and coagulate tissues during surgery, using alternating current that changes direction at a frequency of between 500,000 and 3,000,000 hertz. An ESU is an alternative to other cutting tools, such as surgical blades or lasers.
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ESU students are already being introduced to Lenape, the native language of the Delaware people.
Instruction is another successful area in which ESU has implemented AR in the library.
Of the 22 articles, 66.7% estimated the frequency of ESU (Table 2).
Although Vodun's Papa Legba is a crippled old man, he is linked to two shadow sides, Mait' Carrefour and the Ghede, who represent the strength, virility, and evil capabilities of Esu. According to Vodun historian Maya Deren, when Papa Legba possesses a devotee of Vodun, he is an old man: "They say that he is an old peasant who has worked his fields hard all his life and is now at the end of his powers.
Tactical officers from the emergency services unit (ESU) use their tools and refine their procedures in a simulated crisis environment.
Tellabs (NASDAQ:TLAB) introduced a new Ethernet switching unit (ESU) that enables customers of the Tellabs 8100 managed access system to potentially increase their new services revenue by up to 50 per cent.
This did not surprise me, as I have had occasional encounters with Esu, though none as lengthy as this, and memories of the events were seldom complete.
I recently wrote two identical letters on this subject, sending one to Mrs Valerie Mitchell, Director-General to the English Speaking Union of the Commonwealth (ESU) and the other to the European Commission Secretary-General in Brussels.
The purpose of this article is to share the East Stroudsburg University Comprehensive Classroom Assessment Model (ESU Comprehensive Task Force, 1999) and the inquiry process used to construct it.
The old saying that "necessity is the mother of invention" applies to the Emporia State University (ESU) model.
250) could leave the impression that the evolutionary significant unit (ESU) is the de facto concept employed for all listing decisions under the Endangered Species Act.