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1. a rough calculation or one based on incomplete data.
2. a statistic used to characterize the value of a population parameter. Called also estimator.
3. (es´tĭ-māt) to produce or use such a calculation or statistic.
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A prescription for obtaining an estimate from a random sample of data. An estimator is a procedure, not a result, and therefore is a random variable and has a variance. For instance, an estimator of the mean weight in adult men may consist of the prescription "Add up the weights of 100 men and divide by 100." The actual outcome (the estimate) will vary from sample to sample, but one answer will not be a random variable.
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A prescription for obtaining an estimate from a random sample of data.
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Q. Hi friends, I like to estimate my body fat based on my height and weight. Hi friends, I like to estimate my body fat based on my height and weight. When I enquired about this I heard about BMI. Though I understood little about it I want to know more about what is BMI and why is it useful?

A. the BMI is not a very good only helps if you are an average person. you can gain weight if you start training and still get in shape and loose fat. but it is our only cheap method...there are gyms that hold a way of measuring body fat- maybe try going to one of those?

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Among the tested methods, T-Square sampling ranked more often as the closest estimator to the benchmark method.
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Even when the residuals are not distributed normally, the OLS estimator is still the best linear unbiased estimator, a weaker condition indicating that among all linear unbiased estimators, OLS coefficient estimates have the smallest variance.
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Morpho Pose Estimator is currently capable of estimating human body poses and can be trained to estimate postures of animals or objects.
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It is recognized that the mixed regression estimator (MRE) introduced by Theil and Goldberger [6] outperforms ordinary least squares estimator (OLSE) when the regression model is correctly specified.