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Any nontrivial statistical procedure that assigns to an unknown quantity (parameter) a plausible value on the basis of appropriate and pertinent data collected in a proper random sample.
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Tomar also said the government, through Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana and through various agencies, has carried out many pilot studies for optimisation of crop cutting experiments, in which AI was used for optimisation and yield estimation. (ANI)
In this paper, different from conventional 2D and 3D human pose estimation methods, we combine the advantages of these two methods for human pose estimation for driving characters in Chinese shadow play.
Since its formation, the Egyptian Estimation Committee has been communicating with several Egyptian sports clubs to enrol the game within their sports activities, which would be the first step of having a national championship in the country.
Beside power estimation, the occupied area is an important indicator for the designer.
This compares with the prior estimation that revenues in 2018 will be approximately EUR56m to EUR58m and operating profit (EBIT) 2018 will be approximately EUR6.5m to EUR7.5m.
The system consists of mainly two sections, the power and control section (consisting of DC supply, inverter, motor, and current commutation logic) and the estimation section.
Highly Accurate but Ambiguous Estimation of Directional Cosine.
In the OFDM-based transmission of AF relaying system, most channel estimation schemes are aimed at obtaining the cascaded channel [7-9] and designing special algorithms to recover the individual channels.
In this paper, the characteristics of the half engagement of the clutch will be used to establish the estimation model of the load resistance torque.
[18] proposed a PTT-BP nonlinear model for the accurate estimation of both SBP and DBP.
In general, SNR estimation algorithms can be divided into two classes.
Then, in the sense of MMSE, a sequential fault-tolerant estimation method is presented to estimate the system state and the sensor bias fault simultaneously, optimally.