esthetic factors

es·the·tic fac·tors

(es-thetik faktŏrz)
Elements such as size, shape, color, position, and texture that influence the perception of beauty in oral facial structures and dental restorations.
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As he explains in the short theoretical essay "Criticism and Sociology," the function of critical analysis is to "search for the elements responsible for the form and significance of the work, unified in order to form an indissoluble whole." For Candido, literature is the product of the unavoidable interplay of social and esthetic factors. Demonstrating a perfect match between theory and practice, often lacking in contemporary cultural and literary criticism, Candido's essays reveal a rigorous adherence to those basic principles, particularly the respect for the integrity of the literary work.
The guidelines also include esthetic factors. There are 85 different parameters, 18 of which are proposed.