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Corneal esthesiometry was carried out as previous description using a Cochet-Bonnet esthesiometer (Luneau Ophtalmologie, Chartres Cedex, France).
Esthesiometry has been studied in different species, including humans (GOLEBIOWSY et al.
Relation between corneal innervation with confocal microscopy and corneal sensitivity with noncontact esthesiometry in patients with dry eye.
Physicians use devices for computer esthesiometry various updating for tool diagnostics of peripheral polyneuropathies in other countries.
During carrying out esthesiometry the investigated patients were in a prone position on a medical couch, blindly.
But computer esthesiometry had the highest significance both for higher or lower limbs.
The use of the NISLL in clinical trials, together with computer esthesiometry tests measuring nerve function, provides the best opportunity to evaluate the efficacy of new therapeutic agents for the treatment of DPN.
Subbasal nerve fiber regeneration after LASIK and LASEK assessed by noncontact esthesiometry and in vivo confocal microscopy: prospective study.