established cell line

es·tab·lished cell line

cells that demonstrate the potential for indefinite subculture in vitro.
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After staining with Hoechst 33258, fibroblast nuclei appeared as blue ellipses, showing that the established cell line was mycoplasma negative (Fig.
Building on previous work from Cambridge which showed that it was possible to transform skin cells into liver cells by reprogramming stem cells, the team successfully and accurately corrected an alpha 1-antitrypsin gene in an established cell line containing the mutation.
In the final step of the project, they took cells directly from a patient with alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency and corrected the mutation exactly as they had with the established cell line.
2) HeLa cells are an established cell line used in medical research.
In the present study, we used the combined methods of cell viability, microorganism detection, chromosome analysis, isoenzyme analysis and fluorescent protein genes transfection to detect the established cell line.
These facts illustrate that established cell lines have deficiency in the study of genomic alterations and novel anticancer drugs.
While established cell lines are probably the most efficient source of material for evaluating the cytotoxic activity of clinical isolates, primary cells derived from patient biopsies may have value in determining the effectiveness of various antibiotic treatments on such activity.
The efficiencies of all established cell lines are summarized in Table 2.
Part II Breeding CO2 Incubators established cell lines and primary cells of mammalian
Therefore, established cell lines can be maintained in laboratories for research and possibly for production of cells for cell-based therapies.
A variety of primary cells and established cell lines support the replication of flaviviruses: Green monkey (Veto), hamster (BHK-21), human (SW-13, HeLa), porcine (PS), and mosquito cell lines, as well as primary chicken and duck embryo cells have been used for flavivirus isolation and propagation in routine diagnostic applications.
Proteomic Analysis of Primary and Established Cell Lines for the Investigation of Renal Cell Carcinoma (Craven and Banks)