essential thrombocythemia

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essential thrombocythemia (hemorrhagic thrombocythemia) a clinical syndrome with repeated spontaneous hemorrhages, either external or into the tissues, and a greatly increased number of circulating platelets, considered one of the myeloproliferative disorders. Called also megakaryocytic leukemia.
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essential thrombocythemia

Essential thrombocytosis Hematology A primary myeloproliferative disorder of older–age 55-75–adults, or less commonly of young ♀, with a platelet count is > 600 x 109/L; ET has many clinical features of P vera; it affects the same age group, is accompanied by splenomegaly, has similar BM findings, intensity of leukocytosis Diagnosis Polycythemia Vera Study Group criteria Treatment Hydroxyurea, a myelosuppressant, prevents recurrent thromboses. See Polycythema vera.
Essential thrombocythemia-diagnostic criteria
1. Platelets > 1 x 109 /L (US: < 1000/mm3)
2. Hb < 2.05 mmol/L (US < 13.0 g/dL)
3. Iron in BM or if absent, little ↑ in Hb after 1 month of oral iron therapy
4. Absent marrow fibrosis by biopsy and
5. Absent Philadelphia chromosome
Polycythemia Vera Study Group
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